Little Known Facts About JonBenet Ramsey’s Family

December 26th 1996, six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was beaten, strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. Her lifeless body was left on the basement floor in her home.

Since JonBenet’s death, her family has been involved in a web of controversy. Depending on whom you believe, John and Patsy Ramsey are killers who murdered their own child, liars who covered up a murder by their son, Burke, or innocent people plagued by unjust accusations.

While there has been plenty of news on the Ramsey family since the death of JonBenet, there have not been many stories focused on their lives prior to her death. Small facts from their lives cast suspicion everywhere, and could hold the key to cracking the case.

John Ramsey Had Another Daughter Who Died Four Years Earlier

Before he met Patsy, JonBenet’s mother, John Ramsey had married his college sweetheart named Lucinda Pasch, in 1966 two were married and stayed together for 12 years. They had three children together, Elizabeth, Melinda and John Andrew.

Elizabeth died shortly before JonBenet’s death, in 1992, her car careened into an oncoming truck on the interstate, killing her and her boyfriend.

After JonBenet died, police took an unusual interest in what had happened to Elizabeth. Even though she had died in an accident, police reviewed the autopsy report, only saying that they were following up “on any and all leads in the Ramsey investigation.”

There is no evidence that Elizabeth’s death was anything other than an accident or that John and Patsy had any role in it. The autopsy review however, suggests just how much the police may have considered the Ramsey’s as suspects.

The Suitcase at the Crime Scene Belonged to John Andrew Ramsey

In the basement where JonBenet was found, a blue suitcase was sitting directly below the broken window where the intruder may have snuck inside. Patsy Ramsey insisted that the suitcase didn’t belong to anyone in the family.

Instead she said that the killer must have brought it to stuff JonBenet’s body inside. However, the suitcase belonged to John’s eldest son, John Andrew. And the things inside were incredibly unnerving.

Inside were a semen-encrusted blanket, and a book by Dr. Seuss. At the time, John Andrew was a childless college student far too old to be reading Dr. Seuss. But the semen on the blanket was his, proven by a DNA test.

The police didn’t take the suitcase investigation much further. They had already removed John Andrew from the list of suspects because they were confident that he wasn’t in town when the murder took place.

John and Patsy Went with the Police When They Questioned His Ex-Wife

The police were aware of the fact that John Andrew wasn’t in town when the murder happened, because they had asked his mother Lucinda. After JonBenet’s death, detectives flew to Atlanta where Lucinda lived with her new husband. The police questioned Lucinda and talked to family friends.

When the police left, they were confident that John Andrew and Melinda, John Ramsey’s children with his first wife, could be removed from the list of suspects. However, newspapers reported that John and Patsy wanted to “support” Lucinda. So the couple flew as quickly as possible to Lucinda’s house to be with her when she spoke to the police.

JonBenet May Have Been Sexually Assaulted When She was Three-Years Old

When JonBenet’s body was found, it showed signs of genital injury, including bloodstains in her underpants. Her vaginal opening was also twice the size of that of a normal six-year-old girl. According to some investigators, that didn’t happen from only one night of abuse.

At age three, JonBenet visited her doctor twice complaining about vaginal irritation and redness. This has been touted as a sign that she was sexual assaulted, although her doctor insists that the irritation came from her bubble bath.

More troubling news came from the 911 call that was made from the Ramsey’s home three days before JonBenet’s murder. On December 23, 1996, someone called the police from the Ramsey’s home and then hung up before saying a word. The family wrote this off as “irrelevant” but some have suggested that something might have been happening to JonBenet.

Patsy’s Family Pushed JonBenet into Pageants

Patsy Ramsey had been a beauty queen who was in the running to become Miss America. She wasn’t the first beauty queen in her family, though. Her mother, Nedra Rymer, was crowed homecoming queen in 1952.

Nedra was reportedly furious when Patsy wasn’t crowned Miss America. So Nedra passed her dedication onto her granddaughter, JonBenet. Nedra liked to show off JonBenet to her friends by announcing “This is my Miss America.”

According to a family friend, Nedra didn’t let JonBenet miss a pageant. The friend asked “What happens if JonBenet wakes up and says ‘Nope, I’m not going to be in a pageant tonight?’ Nedra supposedly told her. “We say ‘You will do it’.”