Hilarious Expectations Vs Reality Baby Pics

Hilarious Expectations Vs Reality Baby Pics

How often does expectation actually match reality in your life? If you are anything like us, we are guessing very little. This holds completely true with baby pictures. You think you’re dressing your kid up all cute like you saw in some magazine and then…it’s just pathetic. Check out these lame attempts at recreating cute baby pics!


In fairness I’d have the same expression if two grown adults held me like this. I’ve seen the HS cheerleader fail videos, they never end well. With that silky smooth baby skin these two better keep that grip TIGHT.


I bet you dollars to donuts the kid on the left had a full on carpenter crafted pumpkin chair, maybe even upholstered inside, you never know. But the kid on the right got that old DYI pumpkin chair, probably uneven at the bottom, pumpkin strings still hanging off the walls tickling you in all the wrong places. But the cherry on top has to be that his hair color matches the pumpkin. Cold blooded Mom and Dad.


First of all, what parents let their baby put live christmas lights in their mouth?? And that doesn’t even address the strangling danger on display here. I can’t blame the kid on the right, he’s probably thinking to himself “with parents this dumb I’ll be lucky to last long enough to take big boy poops.”


The Dad at the bottom is really mailing it in in this one. Mom is in full love mode. But Dad looks like he’s checking fantasy football on his Android. (He’s got an HTC) The baby is probably just overcome with the realization that he’s 50% dad. Keep your head up buddy.